About Us

Our Company

Naturthoughts Turismo de Natureza Lda. (NTN) works under the brand PORTUGALNTN and is a Tourism Animation Company and a Travel Agent that aims to offer different experiences in safe, although challenging, environments where people and places have the most relevant role.

We work with small groups which enables us to develop programs of excellency regarding the kind of experience you wish to enjoy – adventure within Nature, cultural or religious tours or even concerning local gastronomy.

We offer privileged contact with the most genuine of Portugal, in perfect harmony with the population and local people, by promoting the territory in a sustained way, preserving Patrimony and therefore increasing sustainable tourism.

PORTUGALNTN Walking offers structured and personalized programs, both guided and self-guided, lasting from 1 to 15 days.

We provide to our clients a luxury travel experience at North of Portugal, Lisbon and Algarve, giving the chance to visit and experience the authenticity and beauty of the country as well as the kindness of the Portuguese people.

About Our Team

We have a multidisciplinary team where military training is prominent, with extensive experience in force command and with missions performed in the Operations Theaters of Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Cote d´Ivoire, East Timor and Mozambique, and in the area of leadership, coaching, mountaineering, sport, tourism and the environment.

Our guides are certified by the National School of Mountaineering in the area of hiking, rope maneuvering and hiking technicians. Our core values are safety in business development, customer satisfaction and employee commitment.

Code of conduct

PORTUGALNTN promotes a close contact with the territory where it develops its activities promoting the preservation of material and intangible heritage through awareness actions.

We involve local communities and agents to promote the most genuine experiences and at the same time to contribute to the promotion of territories by adding value and enhancing sustainable development.

We also assumed, from the first moment, our social and environmental responsibility, developing activities in a benevolent way for non-profit organizations and working in partnership with agents from the place where it develops its activities, in perfect harmony with local traditions and cultures, promoting the territory and fostering the local economy.

Security in the development of activities and customer satisfaction are fundamental values, so we are uncompromising in the security measures implemented and we foster a policy of lessons learned based on customer evaluation.