Natural Regional Park of Vale do Tua

“The destination of LOVE!
Whoever lives here loves the Tua, whoever comes here falls in love as well”.

The Natural Regional Park of Vale do Tua (PNRVT), which comprises the municipalities of Alijó, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Murça, Mirandela and Vila Flor, is proof that love is the main defining characteristic of this territory and, essentially, of the people who live here. It is the love for the land, for the origins, history and traditions, the built and natural heritage, it is the love for local products, a feeling that manifests itself in every interaction with this park.

The Tua Valley is endowed with dazzling landscapes, a rich heritage, gastronomy and wines that can please the most demanding palates, hiking trails to explore and viewpoints from which visitors can let their gaze wander. It has museums and interpretive centers that tell you stories, inviting you to explore this territory which is essentially inhabited by affable and hospitable people, always willing to share this great LOVE for the Tua.