Region of Lisbon


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has natural and cultural nooks of unparalleled beauty worth a visit. Discover the Serra da Arrábida, which is a few kilometers from Lisbon's historic center and boasts wonderful landscapes, punctuated by idyllic beaches. Venture also for the mystical mountains of Sintra, which some consider magical, and amaze yourself by their natural, cultural and artistic richness. Show your faith by visiting the Sanctuary of Fátima, one of the largest Marian centers in the world. The region of Lisbon is waiting for you, come unveil this treasure and have an experience of contact with nature and culture that you will never forget.

The Arrábida Natural Park is named after the Arrábida mountain range which includes the mountain ranges of Risco, S. Luís, Gaiteiros, Louro, and S. Francisco. 180 million years ago, when this mountain range began to form, this area was submerged, thus the current morphology is the result of violent phenomena associated with plate tectonics and erosion.

The Park cuts across the Atlantic Ocean, appearing like a wall, which results in a limestone massif falling towards the sea in massive cliffs – the Píncaro, at the top of the Risco mountain range, is 400 m high.

The vegetation mantle is characterized by the presence of an array of Mediterranean flora.

Abundant and diverse flora and fauna can be found in the Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park.

On land, the human occupation is attested by prehistoric remains, the charming Arrábida Convent, farms and buildings constructed according to popular and erudite architecture.

The Cheese from Azeitão, the Moscatel from Setúbal as well as the honey from Arrábida stand out as premium products visitors will be delighted to taste.